United States Mint Confirms 2022 Kennedy Half Dollars in Circulation

For the second year in succession, the United States Mint has confirmed that it has produced 2022 Kennedy Half Dollar coins for circulation. The news came early in July when Mint spokesman confirmed that the Federal Reserve had placed an order for 5.2 million circulation quality Kennedy’s. The Mint produced 3 million in Denver and 2.2 in Philadelphia. This is in addition to the just-over 3 million what were produced for the Mint’s enrollment programs that went on sale earlier this year and sold in the form of bags & rolls.

For those unfamiliar with the Federal Reserve, it is the Central Bank for the United States. Often referred to as the “Fed” or “Federal Bank”, it is where banks order their currency for circulation. The Federal Reserve, in return, places orders with the United States Mint for circulation-grade coins and the Bureau of Engraving for paper money. In the case of the 2022 Kennedy, banks can now order $500 boxes of the coins as the Fed and some collectors have discovered the rolls already available on the east and west coasts.

Just like last year, the Mint did not make any announcement regarding circulating Kennedy Half Dollars. As to why the Fed has ordered the coins, it is likely due to a perceived need for the coin in commerce.

From 2002 to 2020, the Kennedy Half Dollar was only available via the Mint’s rolls and bags program and sold at a premium.

So far for 2022, the Mint has produced 9.7 million Kennedy’s for circulation according to its Circulation Coinage Production Report. In 2021, the Mint ultimately ended up producing just over 15 million for circulation.

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