Liberty Street Software Releases Update For CoinManage USA 2022

Liberty Street Software has released a new update for its popular coin collection management app for Windows, CoinManage USA 2022. The latest update, free to current owners, brings several improvements to the app and a new reporting engine.

If you are not familiar with CoinManage USA, you can read my review of the app here on the site.

Perhaps one of the most significant changes coming in this update from Liberty Street is that CoinManage USA 2022 now includes all of the 2022 United States Mint releases in its database. That means you will be able to find all of the American Women Quarter Program releases as well as this year’s Native American Dollar and other circulating coins.

Secondly, this update also improves the app’s ability to remember where you left off when you shut down the app. CoinManage USA will return to the type of coin you left off. This is a handy feature if you are cataloging several of the same types of coins.

Finally, the update also brings a new report designer. Reports have long been a part of CoinManage and the ability to create custom reports. The new designer makes the latter much easier now with a more intuitive and user-friendly interface.

You can follow this link if you have a previous version of CoinManage USA and need to upgrade to the 2022 release. If you are new to CoinManage, you can purchase it at this link.

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