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2022 American Innovation Dollar Reverse Proof Set Sales Begin Today

The United States Mint will open sales of the 2022 American Innovation Dollar Reverse Proof Set next week. The 4-coin set will go on sale at Noon Eastern, 9:00 AM Pacific on November 14, 2022. Production is limited to 50,000 sets, but there is no household purchase limit when sales open later today.

This year’s set, the second year that the Mint has offered all four American Innovation Dollar Reverse Proof coins in a single lens, will include the American Innovation Dollars that have been released earlier this year. 

  • Rhode Island – Nathanael Herreshoff’s Reliance Yacht
  • Vermont – Snowboarding
  • Kentucky – Bluegrass music
  • Tennessee – Rural electrification by the Tennessee Valley Authority
2022 American Innovation Dollar Reverse Proof Set (Image Courtesy of The United States Mint)
2022 American Innovation Dollar Reverse Proof Set (Image Courtesy of The United States Mint)

In the early years of the American Innovation Dollar program, the Mint would release each individual Reverse Proof for that year’s dollars. Last year, the Mint moved to a single product release of all four dollars for the year. The change was more in line with the Mint’s other annual proof sets.

The Mint offers an enrollment program for the set. You can subscribe at this link, which will assure that you get this year’s set as well as future sets until you cancel your subscription.

The Reverse Proof coins for the series have traditionally sold well, usually selling out within a few weeks after release as they were limited in production. The same likely will hold true for this new product that will contain all four Reverse Proof coins for 2022.

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