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Mint Releases Images of 2023 Circulating Coinage

The United States Mint has released the official, high-resolution images of the 2023 circulating coinage for the nation. The images of the Lincoln Cent, Jefferson Nickel, Roosevelt Dime, and Kennedy Half Dollar join the previously released images of 2023 circulating American Women Quarters and the 2023 Native American Dollar. The Mint has not released the official coin images of the 2023 American Innovation Dollars.

None of the 2023 circulating coinage has any design changes and only the mint date will be the notable difference in 2023 over previous years.

The Lincoln Cent will continue to carry the Victor David Brenner Obverse design that has largely remained unchanged since its release in 1909. It will feature the reverse Shield design first introduced in 2010.

The Jefferson Nickel will have the Obverse featuring Thomas Jefferson which was introduced in 2006 while having the Montecillo Reverse that has been on the coin since 1938, with the exception of the Westward Journey series in 2004-2005.

The Roosevelt Dime is wholly unchanged from its original 1946 introduction Obverse and Reverse. The same is true for the Kennedy Half Dollar, introduced in 1964.

The Mint will begin production of the 2023 coinage in January, and you can expect to see them in your pocket change as early as January, depending on your location in the nation. If you are close to a Federal Reserve bank, or a Mint facility, you will likely be amongst the first to see them next year.

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