Liberty Street Software Releases CoinManage USA 2023

Liberty Street Software has announced the availability of CoinManage USA 2023 for both new customers as well as those upgrading from a previous version. CoinManage USA 2023 brings a number of enhancements and improvements to the coin collection management app. As a Reminder, CoinManage USA is a Windows-based application for PCs.

Among the improvements and updates to the app, you will find:

  • Many new values for high-grade recent coin issues sucha as: recent commemoratives, lincoln cents, presidential dollars and more
  • We have added a new section to show only CAC verified coins.
  • User’s with larger screens can now see many more coin varieties when adding coins or performing searches
  • User can now give a name to the 2 user defined fields

No matter how big or how small your coin collection is, managing it is an important part of the whole Numismatist experience. Whether it is cataloging your coins or creating buy lists, having a single source of truth for you collection grows as your collection grows. This is where an app like CoinManage USA can be helpful.

You can read my review of CoinManage USA here.

For customers upgrading from the 2022 version of the app, the upgrade price is $19.95 (for electronic delivery). If you are new to CoinManage, you can buy the full version of the app for $39.95.

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