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United States Mint Opens Customer and Collectors Survey

The United States Mint has announced opening a survey for customers and collectors to provide feedback to the Mint on their experiences. Specifically, the Mint is looking for preferences on purchases, preferred purchase channels, and products and services that would encourage buyers to buy newer products. According to the Mint’s Press Release, the online questionnaire will take approximately 10-15 minutes to complete and is being conducted by a third-party market research and consulting firm, NAXION. The customer and collector assessment is available now through Monday, February 20, 2023.

USCoinNews strongly encourages readers to participate as this is an excellent vehicle to provide your feedback to the Mint.

The United States Mint (Mint) invites your readers to participate in a new research study to collect customer preferences on Mint products and customer service. The survey, which takes approximately 10 to 15 minutes to complete, is available through February 20, 2023, at

The survey is being conducted by NAXION, a market research and consulting firm with whom the Mint has a long-term business relationship. Participation in this survey is voluntary, and survey responses will be kept anonymous.

The survey aims to understand:

  • Customer preferences when purchasing U.S. Mint numismatic products and specific products purchased.
  • From what channels consumers are purchasing newly minted Mint numismatic products (e.g., U.S. Mint, dealers, auction sites, etc.).
  • The services and products which could encourage buyers to purchase newly minted numismatic products from the Mint.

We appreciate your informing your readers about this survey through your publications, websites, and social media so that the Mint can better serve customers and collectors throughout the numismatic community.

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