Whitman Publishing Releases Guide Book of American Silver Eagles

Whitman Publishing recently released an exciting new book for silver American Eagles collectors. The new book, Guide Book of American Silver Eagles, is a comprehensive guide to the popular coins from the United States Mint. It is written by Joshua McMorrow-Hernandez, with the Forward written by Q. David Bowers.

The 384-page book is available for $29.95 directly from Whitman, or on Amazon for the same price.

As a widely admired collector coin, the American Silver Eagle has been called “the modern Morgan silver dollar.” These beautiful coins certainly match their older sisters in popularity—and even exceed them, with more than 600 million sold since 1986! In this engaging new reference book by award-winning writer Joshua McMorrow-Hernandez, American Silver Eagles are given the treatment readers have come to expect from the Bowers Series: behind-the-scenes history; experienced guidance for collectors and investors; and valuable advice on grading, storage, cherrypicking for quality, and other tips for smart acquisition of these popular coins.

Guide Book of American Silver Eagles
Guide Book of American Silver Eagles

This latest volume from Whitman Publishing is part of the Bowers series from the publisher. The series, with over two-dozen books written, covers the history and details of particular coins, the United States Mint, and other numismatic-related topics.

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