New PNG Executive Director Eager To Help The Organization, Hobby, and Marketplace

On his first day as the new Executive Director of the nonprofit Professional Numismatists Guild (, business executive and lifelong numismatist John Feigenbaum declared: “I can’t wait to jump in and lend my 45 years of numismatic experience to support and grow this amazing organization and honor the work of my predecessors.”

He became the new PNG Executive Director on August 1, 2023 following a transition period that began this past January with Robert Brueggeman who retired on July 31 after 28 years as PNG’s leader.

Feigenbaum has been attending coin shows since the age of 5 and grew up among coin dealers. He and his father built a rare coin company that was one of the pioneers in the field of mail order and online auctions with custom software designed to advance the hobby.

He now is looking at ways to expand PNG while helping the hobby and numismatic marketplace.

“In taking over the role of PNG Executive Director from the amazing tenure of Bob Brueggeman, I am seeking to infuse this esteemed organization with new mandates across several lines,” Feigenbaum said.

 “PNG, unfortunately and unfairly, has long been perceived as an ‘exclusive’ organization with its doors open to only a few, powerful dealers. I want to change this perception to emphasize that we are ‘inclusive’ and want all dealers to feel welcome to apply and join. We will do this while still maintaining our rigorous code of ethics (, a pledge to dealers and collectors alike that PNG members hold the highest standards in their dealings,” stated Feigenbaum.

“We also aim to attract more organizations to PNG as sponsors so we can commit funds to programs that will benefit from our involvement. In just the last few months we created a new program called ‘NexGen’ which offers mentoring to young numismatists who are already engaging in the community but lack experience in day-to-day transactions and relationships with older generations. We are now pairing PNG dealers as mentors to these NexGen’ers so everyone will benefit,” he explained.

“Finally, we have to do a better job engaging our existing programs which are quite excellent but under-appreciated. We currently have the APMD (Accredited Precious Metals Dealer) program which is an invaluable accreditation for sellers to convey to nervous bullion buyers that they can be trusted sources for these valuable items,” Feigenbaum said.

“Second, we will be doing more with Doug Davis who heads up ACEF, the Anti-Counterfeiting Educational Foundation ( which is an amazing resource. ACEF works to educate government agencies and law enforcement as well as the public about the increasingly fraught problems dealing with counterfeit coins flooding the market.”

In addition to his role as PNG Executive Director, Feigenbaum is Chief Executive Officer of CDN Publishing, the company that produces the respected Greysheet and other numismatic price guides and reference materials. All members of the Professional Numismatists Guild and its Accredited Precious Metals Dealer program ( must adhere to a strict Code of Ethics in the buying and selling of rare coins, paper money, and precious metals. For additional information and a list of member-dealers, visit or call PNG headquarters in Temecula, California at (951) 587-8300

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