United States Mint Circulating Coinage Production Report – November 2023

The United States Mint has released its Circulating Coin Production Report for November 2023. The report shows that the United States Mint produced 604,409,000 coins in November. It is the first increase in overall production in the previous six months, with a mixture of increases and decreases in output across the various denominations.

The Lincoln Cent saw an overall increase in production in November 2023 compared to October. According to the Mint’s report, 303.97 million Cents were minted in the month, up from the 252.82 million the previous month. Breaking down the production totals shows that 152 million Cents were minted in Denver, with the remaining 151.976 million in Philadelphia. The United States Mint has now minted 4.442 billion Lincoln Cents for circulation for the year.

The Jefferson Nickel saw a slight decrease in monthly production in November. According to the Mint’s report, 54.963 million Nickels were minted in November, down from the 60.957 million produced in October. According to the Mint’s report, 27.6 million Nickels were minted in Denver, and 27.363 million were minted in Philadelphia. For 2023, the Mint has minted 1.427 billion Nickels.

Turning to the Roosevelt Dime, the Mint’s production report states that 95.480 million Dimes were minted in November 2023. This is up substantially from the October production figures, where only 20,000 Dimes were coined. Production of Dimes was nearly equal across both the Denver and Philadelphia Mints. 47.5 million were Minted in Denver and 47.98 in Philadelphia. For the year, the Mint has minted 2.696 billion Dimes for circulation.

Regarding the Washington Quarter, the Mint reported that 136.8 million Quarters were minted in November. This is down from the 168.4 million the Mint reported coining in October. The Mint’s report does not break down the type of Quarters it produced. As readers know, five different Reverse designs are circulating this year, thanks to the American Women Quarter series. Looking into the production total shows that 1.300 million Quarters were minted in Denver last month and 1.303 million in Philadelphia. With that, the Mint has now coined 2.603 billion Quarters in 2023.

The final coin to have reported production in November was the Kennedy Half Dollar. The Mint reports that 13.190 million Half Dollars were minted last month, all in Philadelphia. That puts total production for the year at 58 million Halves.

Considering the November production figures, the Mint has now coined 11,229,870,000 coins for circulation this year. This is down from the 12,773,880,000 the Mint had coined through November last year.

The United States Mint production report is updated monthly and is available to the public at this link on the Mint’s site.

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