CAC Releases 2024 Grading Prices

The following is a press release from CAC announcing its 2024 grading price schedule. The 2024 grading schedule has multiple tiers based on the rarity and age of the graded coin.

In considering our pricing structure for 2024, we thought long and hard about how to turn our vision of a more sustainable hobby into reality. We started with list prices that were comparable to the other leading grading services, but we have decided to democratize our tiers by reducing the list prices paid by our smaller and mid-size submitters. You have been loyal customers since CAC’s inception, and you should be rewarded for that. We appreciate the hobby accepting us as a grading service this past year and think this is a fitting tribute. And if you are interested in a printed version of this pricing, come see us at the FUN show in Orlando, booth 1223.

Pricing consistency All primary grading services performed in Virginia Beach are covered by this pricing (grading, crossover, legacy crossover, and reconsideration). Add-on services and our updated return shipping & insurance table will be made available on our website on January 2, 2024.

New tiers We are rolling out two new grading tiers in 2024:  Economy – Morgan & Peace $1 (1878-1935) and Gold (limited to pre-1933 $5, $10, & $20 Libs, Indians and Saints). These tiers must only be used for submissions of vintage/classic Morgan and Peace dollars and vintage/classic gold, respectively. We’ve also renamed our Walkthrough tier (used to be Premium) to match industry vernacular.

Upcharge flexibility of 30%
Our tier pricing is based on the value of the items submitted under that tier. So like the other services, we will upcharge a submitter if a coin is valued higher than the tier it was submitted on. However, we acknowledge that, even though we are using third party pricing, there is subjectivity in pricing. So we offer a 30% leeway on pricing for upcharges. For example, if you submit a coin for grading on the Standard tier, and we calculate the value of your coin to be $3,500 (greater than the maximum for that tier), you will not be up-charged. This has been the case since our inception, but not everyone is aware of this.

Invoicing We are also simplifying our invoices. Rather than showing gross prices with discounts on separate lines, the net price for a graded item will be presented on one row on the invoice. This will just make everyone’s life a little easier. If you should have any questions about our 2024 pricing, you can reach our Customer Care team at 757-800-1750 or

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