First Look! Greatest Generation Commemorative Coins

The United States Mint has released the high-resolution images of the upcoming Greatest Generation Commemorative coins. The Greatest Generation commemoratives will be the second of two commemorative coin sets offered by the Mint in 2024, after the Harriet Tubman commemoratives. Like the Tubman commemoratives, the Greatest Generation commemoratives will have a $5 Gold coin, $1 Silver Coin, and Clad Half Dollar coin.

President Joe Biden signed H.R. 1057, the Greatest Generation Commemorative Coin Act, into law on August 2, 2022. The Act now is known as Public Law 117-162. You can read the full text of the new law here.

The bill requires the following coins to be produced:

  • $5 Gold Coin with a mintage of no more than 50,000
  • $1 Silver Coin with a mintage no more than 400,000
  • Half Dollar Clad Coin with a mintage of no more than 300,000

As is normally the case, the bill calls for a surcharge to be added to the price of the coins. As is normally the case, a surcharge will be applied to these coins. In this bill, it is called out that those surcharges will be paid by the Secretary to the Friends of the National World War II Memorial to support the National Park Service in maintaining and repairing the National World War II Memorial, and for educational and commemorative programs.

The surcharges will be $35 on the $5 gold coin, $10 for the silver dollar, and $5 for the half dollar. 

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