Liberty Street Software Releases CoinManage USA 2024

Liberty Street Software has announced the release of CoinManage USA 2024. CoinManage USA 2024 builds on the popular and defacto standard coin-collecting software for Windows users, adding new features and functionality to the app. Existing users of CoinManage can upgrade for $19.95 (download).

You can check out my review of CoinManage here.

Coin Database Additions

  • See which coins have recently been added to the database, grouped by month / year.
  • We have added quite a few gold and silver bars to the program.  Such as the popular PAMP Suisse gold bars sold by Costco.

SP-67 and SP-69

We have added SP-67 and SP-69 you will now see values for coins such as SMS lincoln cents, burnished coins, etc..

New Report in CoinManage 2021

PCGS Entry Dialog

  • You can enter partial string, such as 5118 to find the relevant Roosevelt Dime with this PCGS Number.  Or 5118.65 to find the same Roosevelt Dime with the grade MS-65.
  • Fixed bug where value was not being properly retrieved when available. Various UI improvements as well.
New Status Field

Values Update & Listings for new coins & sets.

  • New Designer field for coin varieties.  Adding designer information
    is a work on progress, will be adding this data during 2024..  
  • A major new version of the report designer is included.  Features include stream-lined User Interface and better performance.
  • 2 new reports: Coins Grouped by Error & Want List no values

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