First Display of Finest $4 Stella Gold Set at 2024 ANA Convention

The finest set of “Stella” $4 denomination gold coins in the PCGS Set Registry® will be displayed for the first time anywhere by Tangible Investments of Laguna Beach, California ( at the American Numismatic Association 2024 Chicago World’s Fair of Money (

The registry lists the historic, low-mintage pattern coins as the current finest set with a weighted grade point average of 66.75, and each of the four coins has cameo quality.

“Of all the world-class rare coins I’ve been fortunate to handle over the past 40 years, this set tops everything,” stated Tangible Investments Founder and President Silvano DiGenova.

“The $4 denomination coins got their nickname, Stella, from the five-pointed star in the design on the reverse. They were only struck as proofs in small quantities for two years, 1879 and 1880, with two different obverse designs: Coiled Hair and Flowing Hair on Miss Liberty’s head,” explained DiGenova.

The grades are 1879 Coiled Hair PCGS PR65+ CAM CAC with a mintage of only 20; 1879 Flowing Hair PCGS PR67 CAM CAC, mintage 425; 1880 Coiled Hair PCGS PR65+ CAM CAC, mintage 10; and 1880 Flowing Hair PCGS PR66 CAM CAC, mintage 35.

Two of the United States Mint’s most famous engravers designed the coins. The Flowing Hair obverse was created by Charles E. Barber, and the Coiled Hair obverse was designed by George T. Morgan.

The PCGS Set Registry describes $4 gold Stellas as “…one of the most famous and popular sets in all of American numismatics. The odd denomination four-dollar coin has been desired by collectors since their issuance in 1879 and 1880 – they are classic American rarities…one of the most impressive numismatic items one could hope to own and always brings accolades when displayed.”

“This is the current finest PCGS Registry set. Furthermore, as a CAC set, it is the finest all-time set. Currently, it is the finest PCGS and CAC Set! The 2024 ANA convention may be the only opportunity for collectors, dealers, and the general public to see these superb-quality, rare coins together,” said DiGenova.

“It would take someone over ten years to build a set of similar quality. Three of four coins have such small mintages that it is nearly impossible to obtain all three of them. It is highly unusual to see all four Stellas together in that quality,” stated John Albanese, chief executive officer and founder of CAC.

The display will be at the Tangible Investments booth, #401, at the ANA 2024 Chicago World’s Fair of Money in Hall A of the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center, 5555 N. River Road, in the Chicago suburb of Rosemont.

For additional information about Tangible Investments or the $4 gold Stella set, contact Tangible Investments Senior Vice President Mike Bonham at 949-878-0393 or email

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