US Mint Struck 1.25 Billion Coins in April 2019

Seal of the United States Mint

The United States Mint stepped up minting of United States Coinage in April, making it the third busiest month so far in 2019. In total, the Mint produced 1.253 billion coins for the month, nearly 200 million more coins than it struck in March 2019, or an 18.9% increase month-over-month. It is also the fourth straight month that the Mint has minted one billion coins in a month. As is usually the case, the Lincoln …

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Opinion – As a Numismatist, it is Our Job to Educate

Ike Dollar Coins

Over the past few weeks I’ve stopped and started this article several times, not exactly sure how I wanted to write it. I firmly believe that, as a Numismatist, it is our job to educate people not only about the hobby of coin collecting, but about our coinage history in the United States (or insert your country here). Whether it be a podcast, webcast, or simply spending time at a coin show or with a …

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