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Hello and welcome to US Coin News. It is great having you here and I appreciate you stopping by to check things out.

US Coin News is a site dedicated to the casual coin collector, specifically coinage of the United States. You won’t find many posts here about ultra exotic and rare coins. Instead, our focus is to help the “normal” collector with news, information, tips and deals on coins and coin collecting supplies. You also find an occasional review of coin collecting related items.

A popular feature of the site will be the Mail Bag. This is where readers of the site can ask questions or opinions and get feedback. You can use the Contact page on the site to post your questions.

The owner of the site, Clinton, has been collecting since 1986 and has primarily focused on US coinage. In all, he has over 3,000 coins in his collection. From time-to-time he will share a coin out of his own collection and talk about it.

Clinton is also a member of the American Numismatic Association. Member Number 3153262.

You will find links to the site’s pages on Facebook and Twitter to the right and Clinton is current working with Apple to get the site set up in Apple News.

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