NGC Creates Special Three-Coin Holder for 2019-W Cents

NGC has announced a new, three-coin holder will be available for the 2019-W Lincoln Cents that have been produced by the US Mint. The three-coin holder will hold the Uncirculated, Reverse Proof, and Proof variants of the 2019 Cent produced at the West Point Mint.

Unfortunately for the majority of collectors, the holder is only available to those who make bulk submissions. That is, at least 50 sets of all three coins with an additional $5 per holder fee applying.

The 2019-W Lincoln Cents are coming with the premium sets offered this year by the Mint. The Proof version of the coin is available with the 2019 Proof set which started selling on March 1, 2019. That set is $27.95 and comes with the Proof variant of the Lincoln Cent.

The Reverse Proof variant is being sold with the 2019 Silver Proof Set which began sales on April 17, 2019. That set is $54.95 from the US Mint.

Finally, there is the Uncirculated variant of the 2019-W Lincoln Cent. Sales of that will be with the 2019 Uncirculated Set which go on sale on May 14, 2019. The set will be $21.95 when they are available next week.

NGC Multi-Coin Holder for 2019-W Cents
NGC Three-Coin Holder for 2019-W Cents

For those who won’t be able to submit bulk orders, you can expect to see these at your local coin shop or online in the next few weeks as dealers get their bulk coins graded and put into these holders. You can expect a premium on this holder and set.

This new holder is a great way to show off the complete 2019-W Lincoln Cents. It is unclear if the United States Mint plans on replicating this in 2020 or beyond. That could make these 2019-W Cents, especially one in a special holder from NGC, highly desirable in the future.

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