2019 Uncirculated Mint Set Dominates This Week’s Mint Sales Report

The 2019 Uncirculated Mint Set dominated the US Mint’s sales report for the week ending May 19, 2019. The new set, which was released on May 14th, sold a whopping 161,598 units in its first week, crushing everything the Mint sold for the week. It also means that the Uncirculated Set upended the 2019 Silver Proof Set which had been the top seller for four consecutive weeks.

Indeed, sales of the Uncirculated Mint Set were some 40,000 units higher than the 2018 set and are the highest debut sales numbers for the set in seven years. The impressive sales numbers can be attributed to the inclusion of the 2019-W Lincoln Cent uncirculated sample which comes with the other 20 coins in the set.

Coming in a distant second in the Mint’s sales report was the 2019 Proof Set. Another 9,008 of the San Francisco minted sets were sold last week while the 2019-W American Eagle Silver Proof took third place. There were just over 2,300 Eagles sold according to the report.

2019 US Mint Uncirculated Set
2019 US Mint Uncirculated Set

Here then are the top 10 sales products from the US Mint for the week ending May 19th.

  1. 2019 Mint Set (+161,598)
  2. 2019 Proof Set (+9,008)
  3. 2019-W Proof Silver Eagle (+2,323)
  4. 2019 Kennedy Two-Roll Set (+1,641)
  5. 2019-P Proof Apollo 11 Silver Dollar (+1,636)
  6. 2019 Explore and Discover Coin Set (+1,110)
  7. 2019 James Madison Presidential Silver Medal (+975)
  8. 2018 Mint Set (+896)
  9. 2018-S Proof American Innovation Dollar (+758)
  10. 2019 America the Beautiful Quarters Silver Proof Set (+563)

If you haven’t picked up your 2019 Uncirculated Set, you can do so at the US Mint site. It is $21.95. There is no production limit on these sets nor is there a household limit. That means if you want to give this annual set as a gift, you can easily do so on one purchase from the Mint.

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