Mail Bag – What’s Your Favorite Coin

Today’s Mail Bag question comes from Sasha E. and it is one that as brought back a few memories and smiles as I thought about it.


What is your favorite coin and why?

Sasha E

First Sasha, thanks for taking time to write, I appreciate it.

As for my favorite coin, it is hard to pick just one to be honest. My sentimental favorite is the Mercury Dime. That as the coin that my grandfather showed me in the late 80s as a teenager that got me started coin collecting. I would also have to put the Lincoln Cent up there because it was the first real coins that I began collecting.

But if I had to pick just one, I’d have to say the Walking Liberty Half Dollar. The first time I saw one of these was maybe 1987 or 1988 at a coin shop in Arlington, Texas. I was instantly attracted to the design and just loved it. Of course, as a teenager working in a mall, the actual funds to buy a “walker” were just not there. I came back to that shop several times to look at the Walking Liberty Half and I managed to scrape together enough money to buy one in Very Fine grade. I have no idea what it cost me but I do remember it was a big of a financial impact. I still have that 1939-D Walking Liberty Half Dollar, along with several more now.

1939-D Walking Liberty Half Dollar
1939-D Walking Liberty Half Dollar

This “walker” was also the first real coin purchase I made for my collection. To that point, I’d mainly been roll hunting and checking change in the cash register at the store I worked in for coins to add to my collection. So yes, it is easy to argue that I also have a sentimental attachment to Walking Liberty Halves too.

Walkers range in price from $40 put to several thousand depending on condition but it is a reasonably easy coin to add to a collection for most people. There is a wide range of them available at Amazon which will give you a good feel for the pricing range.

So readers, what is your favorite coin? Leave a comment and let me know!

Thanks again Sasha for the question. If you have a question, use the Comment box on this post or on the About page.

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