2019 Uncirculated Mint Set Dominates Mint Sales Report for Week Ending June 16, 2019

The US Mint has released its sales report for the week ending June 16, 2019. Once again, this week’s report was dominated by the 2019 Uncirculated Mint Set. That set, product 19RJ, added an impressive 188,467 units to its sales total, which has now pushed past the 214,000 mark (214,720). To put that in perspective, consider these facts:

  • The 2019 Uncirculated Mint Set only went on sale May 14, 2019
  • The 2018 Uncirculated Mint Set has sold a total of 249,844 units

Since its release, the 2019 set has been at the top of the sales sheet for the Mint and that doesn’t look like it is slowing down.

The 2019 Proof Set and 2019 Silver Proof Set were the second and third best sellers for the Mint this week, respectively. The Proof Set added another 91,731 units week-over-week from the June 9, 2019 report, bringing its total sales to 344,860. The Silver Proof Set sold 45,236 units in the week, bringing its total to 259,832.

All three of the sets have benefited from the addition of the 2019-W Lincoln Cents being included with them. The Uncirculated set comes with the Uncirculated Lincoln Cent with the West Point mint mark. The Proof set comes with the Proof version while the Silver Proof Set comes with the Reverse Proof of the Cent.

You can see the full sales report for free on the Mint site.

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