United States Mint Produced 2 Billion Coins in June 2019

The United States Mint has updated their monthly production report for June 2019 and it shows that the Denver and Philadelphia Mint locations produced 2,043,308,000 in the month. That brings the total production across both Mint locations for the year up to 7,600,608,000.

The report shows that the two primary production Mint locations produced the Lincoln Cent, Jefferson Nickel, Roosevelt Dime, and Washington Quarter in the month. No Kennedy Half Dollars, Native American Dollars, or Presidential Dollars were produced in June.

In total, there were 600,800,000 Lincoln Cents produced last month, 312,800,000 in Denver while Philadelphia produced 288,000,000. For the year, that brings total Cent production up to 3,844,400,000 for 2019.

There were 104,654,000 Jefferson Nickels added to circulation in June with Denver producing 48,480,000 and Philadelphia making 56,174,000. For 2019, that brings the total Nickel production to 639,414,000.

When it comes to the Roosevelt Dime, a total of 199,000,000 of them were produced across the Denver and Philadelphia Mint locations. Denver created 91,000,000 while Philadelphia made 108,000,000. For the year, that brings the total Dime production up to 1,228,000,000.

Finally, for the Washington Quarter, a total of 117,200,000 where made in June. 56,000,000 were made in Denver while Philadelphia produced 61,200,000 for the month. In total, that brings 2019 product of Quarters to 860,800,000.

Overall the report produced no surprises. Generally speaking, by the time we arrive to the second half a year, the Mint facilities usually shuts down production of the Kennedy Half Dollar and the Native American Dollar as these coins see little to no general circulation.

As with other reports from the United States Mint, production reports can be found on the Mint’s site at this link.

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