NGC Expert Review Announced in Partnership with eBay

NGC has announced a new service in conjunction with their partnership with eBay. The new NGC Expert Review allows buyers of coins to have an NGC grading expert look at the eBay listing and give a judgement both on the grade and if the coin is genuine. The service starts as low as $5 per eBay listing and you get an opinion on that coin within two business days.

With NGC Expert Review, buyers of coins have two service options. For $5, you can have a NGC grader look at the eBay listing and give an opinion on if the coin is genuine or not. You will then get back one of three reports from the grading company:

  • Likely genuine
  • Likely not genuine
  • Inconclusive

If you get an opinion back of Inconclusive, you will be refunded your $5 fee.

For $10, you can have a NGC expert not only give you an authenticity opinion but also a grade opinion of the coin. For US Coins, you will get the following grade opinion report:

  • Likely Uncirculated (60-70)
  • Likely Proof (60-70)
  • Likely High Circulated (40-58)
  • Likely Low Circulated (1-35)
  • Likely Details Graded
  • Likely No Grade
  • Inconclusive ($5 refund)

For world coins, you get:

  • Likely MS
  • Likely High Circulated (XF-AU)
  • Likely Low Circulated (PR-VF)
  • Inconclusive ($5 refund)

NGC has also made using the service very easy. They have created an online portal, which is found here, where you enter the eBay listing URL and what type of coin it is. You then walk through a payment process and then NGC will take a look at the listing.

Further, if you use the service, NGC will send you a voucher for the cost of using the Expert Review service which can then be used towards the grading company grading your purchase.

In this day of counterfeit coins – some of which are stunningly good – this type of service from NGC and eBay are another layer of protecting buyers and the integrity of the hobby.

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