US Mint Coin Product Report – Nearly 9.5 Billion Coins in 2019

The September 2019 United States Mint circulating coin product report has been released. It shows that the nation’s coin production is nearing the 9.5 billion coin mark for 2019. In total, the Denver and Philadelphia Mint’s product 939.66 million coins in September, up by 172.24 million coins over the August production report.

The highest production coin for the Mint was, as usual, the Lincoln Cent. 537.2 million of the coins were minted in September, accounting for 57% of the total coin production for the month. Breaking it down further, the Denver Mint produced 256.4 million Cent while the Philadelphia Mint produced 280.8 of the smallest denomination circulating coin.

By comparison, production of the Jefferson Nickel was just 77.7 million across the two Mint locations. This was still an increase over the August report (69.2 million) but far off the 116 million high water mark set back in July. Across the Denver and Philadelphia Mint, both product 38.8 million Nickels with the Philly site producing 400 more coins in total.

171.5 million Roosevelt Dime 10-cent pieces were produced in September, 90 million at the Philadelphia Mint while 81.5 million were minted in Denver. This too is up from the August report (164 million)

As for the Washington Quarter, 153.2 million of them were minted in September 2019. 82.8 million of them were produced at the Philly Mint while Denver made 70.4 million.

In September, no Kennedy Half Dollar, Native American, or Presidential Dollar coins were produced. That has been the case essentially all of 2019, with the coins that were produced minted in the first three months of the year. It is not expected that any more of these denominations will be made this year. The American Innovation Dollar is also absent from the report but bare in mind that this is the circulating coin production report. The United States Mint does not plan to release the Innovation Dollar into general circulation.

For all of 2019, the Philadelphia Mint has produced 4.931 billion coins while the Denver Mint as minted 4.556 billion. That brings us to the 9.5 billion coin mark for the year (9,488,034,400)

By comparison, in all of 2018, the United States Mint produced 13,125,414,000 total coins (that’s 13.1254 billion coins). If the Mint continues its same rate of production for circulation coins, in 2019 it will likely not exceed that number. The current mintage rate when averaged out, suggests that there will be just over 11 billion coins produced this year. With production now at 9.5 billion, 3.64 billion more coins would need to be minted to top the 2018 production total. That is unlikely as production generally slows down in the last quarter of each calendar year.

The Mint’s production report is released every month, generally on the first Monday of the first full week of the month. It is a matter of public record and available at this link on the Mint’s website.

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