US Mint Production Report – 10 Billion Coins in 2019

The latest US Mint Production Report has been released, updating production numbers through October 2019. It shows that in the month of October, the Mint produced 1.154 billion coins. That pushed the Mint’s total production for 2019 to 10.642 billion coins.

The minting of 1.154 billion coins is up from the 939 million that were made in September 2019 and is the largest production month since July 2019. Even with the increase in production, it is unlikely that the US Mint will produce as many coins in 2019 as it did in 2018. In 2018, United States Mint produced 13,125,414,000 total coins (that’s 13.1254 billion coins). That means to match it, the Mint would need to produce 2,482,440,000 coins in November and December. That is an average of 1.241 billion coins in each of the last two months of 2018. That would be higher than any single month in the 2019 US Mint Production Reports.

Breaking down the report, The Mint produced 713,600,000 Lincoln Cent across both the Philadelphia and Denver facilities. 379.2 million of them were made in Philly while the remaining 334.4 million were minted in Denver. As is usually the case, the Cent was the highest produced coin for the month.

Jefferson Nickel production in October 2019 topped out at 90.24 million pieces. This is up from the 77.76 million produced in September. Overall, 53.28 million were minted in Philly while just 36.96 million were pressed in Denver.

Roosevelt Dime production also increased according to the report. In October, 187.5 million Dimes were minted. The Philadelphia Mint produced 99.5 million of them while Denver produced 88 million.

Washington Quarter minting also saw a slight increase, up to 163.6 million in October. The Denver Mint produced 88.6 million of the coins while Philadelphia produced 75 million.

As has been the case since the beginning of 2019, no Native American Dollar coins, Kennedy Half Dollar, or Presidential Dollars were produced in October.

The Mint’s production report is released every month, generally on the first Monday of the first full week of the month. It is a matter of public record and available at this link on the Mint’s website.

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