River of No Return 5-Ounce Silver Coin Now Available

As previously reported, the Frank Church River of No Return 5-ounce silver coin is now available. The coin is selling for $154.95 and available directly from the United States Mint’s site.

The hefty five-ounce round bares the same Obverse and Reverse of the latest ATB quarter, commemorating the Idaho wilderness. However, unlike the reed edge of the Quarter, this silver coin has a smooth edge with its metal quantity imprinted on it.

The River of No Return Wilderness is located in Idaho and made up of mountains, canyons and whitewater rivers. In the wilderness is where you will find the Salmon River and Middle Fork of the Salmon River. The area is often referred to as Frank Church in honor of the U.S. Senator who lead the effort for preserving the wilderness. The area is the largest single connected wilderness in the lower-48 of the United States.

As with previous five-ounce offerings, this one will come in a black presentation box and will come with the Mint’s Certificate of Authenticity.

Frank Church River of No Return Wilderness 5-Ounce Silver Coin
Frank Church River of No Return Wilderness 5-Ounce Silver Coin

Production of this coin is limited to 20,000 but it is likely not to sell out quickly as it is not as popular as other Mint products. At the time of this posting, the coin was still available for purchase. This is in stark contrast to the Reverse Proof American Eagle which sold out in 20 minutes today

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