Bressett Burglary Update Lists Full Extent of Theft

Earlier in the month I reported on the burglary of famed Numismatist Ken Bressett’s home in Colorado Springs, Colorado. The break-in to the Bressett residence happened on November 2, 2019. Now we have a better picture of the extent of the theft.

The Colorado Springs, Colorado police department along with the Numismatic Crime Information Center has released a full list of the items stolen in the robbery.

  • Several pieces of spade, knife, Key and other early types.
  • Approximately 20 sycee, various sizes and shapes.
  • 1923 P’u Yi marriage dollar. Uncirculated.
  • 1928 Kweichow Province automobile dollar EF.
  • 1934 Communist dollar. AU.
  • 1943 Yunnan-Burma Tael.
  • 25 or more Blue Whitman coin boxes, each containing about 60 Chinese cash coins all in individual envelopes and identified with Schjöth numbers. Values range from about $3 to $500 + each.
  • 30 pieces of multiple copper square-hole cash.
  • Several Whitman boxes of coins from Japan, India, Korea, Annam and other places.
  • Type set of Fractional Currency. Mostly CU condition.
  • U.S. Type set of various coins 1c to 50c. Many EF-AU. 1820 1c Unc, 1854 ½ c Unc., 1794 cent, etc. Some fractional gold; hobo 5c by Ron Landis; Admiral Vernon medals; Love tokens.
  • 1976 Uncirculated Canadian Olympic coins, missing the $5.00 Javelin coin that was left behind.
  • Gold Bulova watch c.1945 vintage.
  • Gold chain with ancient Byzantine bronze cross.
  • Three large gold man’s rings set with ancient carnelian seal-stones.
  • Various items of ladies’ jewelry, earrings, bracelets, etc.

NCIC and the Colorado Springs Police department are working together to solve the case. Collectors and the general public are asked to keep an eye out for any of these items.

Please contact the Numismatic Crime Information Center’s Doug Davis if you have questions or information about the case. You can reach him at (817) 723-7231, or email him at

Ken Bressett is an American numismatist. He has actively promoted the study and hobby of numismatics for over 50 years. Some of his writings include:

  • Buying and Selling United States Coins
  • United States Coin Price Trends
  • Collectible American Coins
  • Collecting U.S. Coins
  • The Fantastic 1804 Dollar
  • A Guide Book of English Coins
  • Official ANA Grading Standards for United States Coins
  • A Guide Book of United States Coins
  • The Handbook of United States Coins
  • Guide Book of United States Currency
  • Handbook of Ancient Greek and Roman Coins

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