NGC Opens Voting for Sacagawea Dollar 20th Anniversary Label

Numismatic Guaranty Corporation, or NGC, has opened up public voting for the 20th anniversary label for the Sacagawea Dollar. The four panels will be available in 2020 as part of the celebration around the dollar coin’s release.

The four panels are all unique but all highlight Sacagawea or the coin itself in some way.

NGC Sacagawea Dollar 20th Anniversary Labels
NGC Sacagawea Dollar 20th Anniversary Labels

Voting can be found at this link and you have until December 15, 2019 to cast your vote. After that, NGC will announce the winner. For NGC members who submit 2020 Sacagawea Dollars to the company will be able to chose the winning panel in the coin holders at no additional charge.

The Sacagawea coin was first released in 2000 and continued with the same Obverse and Reverse until 2008. In 2009, keeping the same Obverse, the coin became more commonly known as the Native American Dollar as it highlights & commemorates Native American contributions to the United States. The coins was released into general circulation from 2000 through to 2010. Starting in 2011, the coin was minted for Numismatic purposes as part of US Mint products sold.

The 2020 Native American Dollar design has already been announced. Honoring Elizabeth Peratrovich and Alaska’s Anti-Discrimination Law, the design features Peratrovich who advocated for the 1945 Anti-Discrimination Law in the Alaskan territorial legislature.

2020 Native American Coin Reverse
2020 Native American Coin Reverse

The coin will not be released to the general public but will be made available through a variety of Mint products including the 2020 Uncirculated and Mint sets.

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