NGC Announces Winning 20th Anniversary Sacagawea Label Design

Back in November, NGC opened up voting for the special label for the 2020 Sacagawea Dollar. That voting has now ended and we know what the 20th anniversary Sacagawea label will look like for collectors.

Over 1,200 votes were received by NGC in the voting and the winner received some 45% of the total votes, the clear winner of the options available. The label, which was the first option for voters, was the winning design. Here is what the special label will look like for the 2020 coin.

NGC 20th Anniversary Sacagawea Label
NGC 20th Anniversary Sacagawea Holder & Label

The good news is that the special label will be available to all NGC Collectors Society members and NGC Authorized Dealers for 2020 Sacagawea Dollars submitted in 2020. There will be no additional charge for the label but normal grading fees apply.

The Sacagawea Dollar, now more commonly referred to as the Native American Dollar, has been minted since 2000. In 2009, the Reverse of the coin was changed annually to represent a different historical moment in Native American history. The 2020 coin’s Reverse has already been announced with product to start this month at the Mint facilities in Denver and Philadelphia. Bags and rolls of the coin will be available starting February 12, 2020 directly from the United States Mint. 100-Coin bags will be price at $111.95 while rolls will be priced at $32.95. Also, a 250-coin box will be available which will be priced at $275.95. As with previous years, there is no planned production limit, purchase limit, or household limit expected for the 2020 Sacagawea.

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