Pennsylvania American Innovation Dollar Reverse Proof Now Available

Last week, the United States Mint began sales of the Pennsylvania American Innovation Dollar Reverse Proof coin. The coin is the third Reverse Proof American Innovation Dollar released this year and the second of the 2019 dollars.

Back in August the 2018 Dollar in Reverse Proof was offered while last month, the Delaware Dollar was offered by the Mint. Sales of the Pennsylvania coin started on December 5, 2019.

As with the first two coins, the Pennsylvania American Innovation Dollar Reverse Proof will come in a four-panel holder with the coin itself encapsulated in it. The upper flap of the holder will have the Certificate of Authenticity printed on it.

Equally, as with the 2018 Dollar and the Delaware Dollar, there is a household limit of five units with a total production limit of just 75,000. That means that if you want to get one some of these coins, you should use the Remind Me feature on the Mint’s site to get an email or text message when sales begin on December 5th. While the Delaware coin is still available on the Mint’s site, the 2018 introductory dollar in Reverse Proof has long been sold out and unavailable.

At the time of this posting, the coin was still available from the United States Mint. You can place your order at this link. Note that there is no household limit on the number that you can purchase but there will no more produced once the original allotment of 75,000 is sold.

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