Mint Production Report – Fewer Than 900 Million Coins Minted in November

The United States Mint has released its production report for circulating coins for November 2019. The report shows that across the Denver and Philadelphia Mint locations, fewer than 900 million coins were produced in the month, a significant drop-off from the October report.

In total, the Mint produced 892,039,600 coins in November according the the production report. This is down 22.7% from the October production by the Mint which was 1,154,940,000. The drop in production is not uncommon towards the end of each calendar year. Generally in the last quarter of any calendar year, both the Denver and Philadelphia facilities are focused on getting equipment, dies and presses prepared for the next year. 2019 appears to be no different.

Digging into the report itself does not find any unusual surprises. The Lincoln Cent was once again the most produced coin for the month. In total, 568.4 million of them were produced across the Denver and Philadelphia facilities. Philadelphia led the way with 286,800,000 of those coins produced. This total production is down from the 713.6 million produced in October 2019.

The lowest production coin for November 2019 was the Jefferson Nickel. Only 64,079,600 of the five-cent pieces were produced in the month with 37,679,600 being produced in Philadelphia and the remaining 26,400,000 minted in Denver. Like the Lincoln Cent, this production of the Jefferson Nickel was down significantly from October 2019 production of 90.24 million coins.

101,500,000 Roosevelt Dimes were produced in November according to the report. 56,500,000 of those were minted in Philadelphia with 45,000,000 minted in Denver. This production figure is also down from the previous report. The October report showed production at 187.5 million for the month.

Finally, 164,400,000 Washington Quarters were minted in November. 85,200,000 of them were produced in Philadelphia while the remaining 79,200,000 were minted in Denver. The Washington Quarter was the only circulating coin which saw a production increase over the October production report. In October 2019, 163,600,000 Quarters were produced.

As has been the case since the beginning of 2019, no Native American Dollar coins, Kennedy Half Dollar, or Presidential Dollars were produced in November.

With the updated production totals for November, the United States Mint has now produced 11,538,414,000 in 2019. It also means that it is all-but assured that the Mint will not produce as many coins as it did last year. In 2018, United States Mint produced 13,125,414,000 total coins (that’s 13.1254 billion coins).

The Mint’s production report is released every month, generally on the first Monday of the first full week of the month. It is a matter of public record and available at this link on the Mint’s website.

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