Mail Bag – When Are You Going to Start a Podcast?

Today’s Mail Bag question comes from Erin W. and it asks a question that is both flattering and challenging. It all evolves from a post last year around podcasts and when I am going to start one here at US Coin News.

Erin Writes:


I visit your site nearly daily and always find great information about coin collecting. I too started in my teens in the 90s and have about 300 coins in my collection.

Earlier this year you wrote an article about your favorite coin collecting podcasts. My question is when are you going to start one? It would be great to get your insights on coin and hear the voice behind the site.



So first Erin, thanks for the kind words and complements. It is truly appreciated.

Second, to answer your question as to when I will start a podcast here at US Coin News, the answer may disappoint you. It won’t be any time soon unfortunately.

The reality is, as I’ve often shared here, US Coin News is my “side gig”. I have a full time role with a Silicon Valley company and that job keeps me traveling – a lot. That makes even doing daily updates to the site a challenge and makes a podcast all-but impossible.

Compounding this problem – and I appreciate this is entirely a first world problem – I don’t have the proper equipment. In order for a truly professional podcast, you need a proper microphone and software to produce it. I don’t have either.

Don’t get me wrong Erin, I’ve certainly thought about producing a biweekly or once a month Podcast for the site. It just isn’t something I feel I could dedicate the time to consistently to produce the content readers (and listeners) like you would find valuable. That may change, of course, over time. But for now, it just isn’t in the cards.

Thanks Erin for taking time to write and again, thank you for your kind words.

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