My Favorite Coin Collecting Podcasts

Like many people – and I suspect a few of you – I’m a big fan of podcasts. I listen to some type of podcast every day, whether it be for news and information or for entertainment. There are an untold number of podcasts out there on ever subject you can imagine. Literally.

When it comes to coin collecting podcasts, the number available is small. Doing various searches for this article, I found at most a dozen, of which half had not been updated in six months or longer. That’s not great but the ones that are updated regularly have great content and information.

Overall, I have found three podcasts about coin collecting or Numismatics in general that I listen to on a regular basis. You may already be familiar with my top three but if not, give them a listen.

Coin Collecting Podcasts
Coin Collecting Podcasts

The Coin Show Podcast

The Coin Show podcast is one of the oldest out there, having started back in 2010. There are 139 episodes now available discussing modern coin collecting as well as highlighting a particular coin type from the past. They also do book reviews (like in the latest episode) and cover a wide range of Numismatic topics in their generally hour long episodes.

This is probably my favorite podcast because the two hosts, Mike and Matt, are relatable and knowledgeable.

To give it a listen on Apple Podcasts, follow this link to check it out.

The CoinWeek Podcast

My second favorite coin collecting podcast is the CoinWeek podcast. These episodes, 113 in all to date, are a short 30 minutes each and covers a wide range of topics. They also have interviews of key people within the coin collecting world. While not as entertaining as The Coin Show podcast, the CoinWeek podcast does provide a bit more up-to-the-minute information in my opinion which makes it a nice balance.

To give it a listen on Apple Podcasts, follow this link to check it out.

Coin World Podcast

My third podcast is one of the newest out there. It is from Coin World and aptly named Coin World Podcast. The series started back in March of this year and there are a total of five episodes. They range from 38 minutes to 68 minutes and cover a wide range of topics including reviews, interviews, conventions and other events. It is a polished production and while it is still new, it has already made its way into my must listen to list when new episodes are published.

To check it out, follow this link on Apple Podcasts.

While I have put links to all three of these podcasts from Apple Podcasts, you can find them on other platforms and services too. I just happen to use Apple Podcasts so that’s the link you get dear reader.

Do you have a favorite podcast related to coin collecting? If so, leave a comment below. Others will want to hear about it and I do too.

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