PCGS Announces 2020 Coin Quest

PCGS has announced a new Coin Quest for 2020. The new collection challenge follows on the heels of the 2019-W Quarter quest the grading company held last year. This year however, it is a different game.

The game is simple: Collect a 2020 Lincoln Cent, Jefferson Nickel, and Roosevelt Dime from both the Denver and Philadelphia Mints. Submit them to PCGS for grading for $20 per coin. Get it done by April 30, 2020 and you are entered into a random drawing for $2,000. If you are the collector who has the highest graded set, you will win an additional $2,500.

PCGS is also offering Early Find labels for these coins.

In order to compete, you must be a member of the PCGS Collectors Club.

Below is the full press release. Good Luck!

The 2019-W PCGS Quarter Quest, which was a revolutionary competition for bounties and limited special labels on circulating 2019-W America the Beautiful Quarters, was a huge success. PCGS is continuing this program with PCGS Coin Quest, a competition offering rewards for lucky Collectors who complete the PCGS Coin Quest 2020 Set.

All collectors who complete the PCGS Coin Quest 2020 Set Registry by April 30, 2020 will be entered in a random drawing for $2,000. Additionally, the collector with the highest graded set will receive $2,500.

Each year, freshly minted Cents, Nickels and Dimes are released into circulation from the Mint through banks. We are challenging collectors to cherry pick the finest known examples before they face the harsh reality of circulation wear and damage.

Check your change and let the roll hunting begin, because the quest is on, again!

The limited time Early Find special label will be available for qualifying submissions of each of the three circulating coins from both the Denver and Philadelphia Mints, making a total of 6 coins for the collection.

Submit your 2020 Circulating Coins for the Early Find program for $20 per coin plus shipping and handling.

You must be a PCGS Collectors Club member or PCGS Authorized Dealer to submit directly to PCGS. To join the PCGS Collectors Club, click here.

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