2007-2016 Presidential Dollar Set

Today’s Deal is for those who want to kick-start their Presidential Dollar Set collection in one swing. Smyrna Coin, at their Amazon store, is selling a complete, non-Proof Presidential Dollar Set for $217.99. That breaks down to $2.79 per coin, far below the $3.15 book price for these coins.

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In all, you will get 78 coins in this set. You will receive a Philadelphia and Denver mint marked coin of each Presidential Dollar from 2007 through to 2016. Those were the years that the coins were produced by the Mint. With the George H.W. Bush Dollar coming this year, now is a good time to get all the previous coins in the set.

2007-2016 Presidential Dollar Set
2007-2016 Presidential Dollar Set

Effectively, Smyrna Coin is giving you a slight discount because you are buying the entire set. If you were to go buy all of these coins at their book price, you would spend over $27 more in total. Add to that, everyone who buys the set gets free shipping for additional savings.

As with all coin purchases through Today’s Deal, you have a 30-Day satisfaction guarantee. If you get this coin and are not completely satisfied, you can return it for a full refund.

To get more details or to order the set for yourself, head to the product page on Amazon.

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