1960-1969 Roosevelt Dime Proof Set

Today’s Deal is on an excellent set of Proof and SMS (Special Mint Set) Roosevelt Dimes from the 1960s. Hall of Fame Memorabilia on their Amazon storefront is selling this set at an exceptional price.

The 10-coin set comes with the Proof or SMS coin from 1960 through 1969 and is priced at $27.99 including free shipping.

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The set will come with the following coins:

  • 1960 Proof (90% Silver)
  • 1961 Proof (90% Silver)
  • 1962 Proof (90% Silver)
  • 1963 Proof (90% Silver)
  • 1964 Proof (90% Silver)
  • 1965 SMS
  • 1966 SMS
  • 1967 SMS
  • 1968-S Proof
  • 1969-S Proof
1960-1969 Roosevelt Dime Proof Set
1960-1969 Roosevelt Dime Proof Set

The value on this set is equally as exceptional. The 1960-1964 Proof coins are valued at $5 each, while the rest of the coins carry a book value of $2 each. In this set, you are getting all the coins for $2.80 each.

As with all Today’s Deal offers, you have a 30-day satisfaction guarantee on the purchase. If you get the coins and are not completely satisfied, you can return them for a full refund.

At the time of this post, there were three of these sets available at this price. To get more details or to order, head to the product page on Amazon.

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