USCoinNews Now Supports Web App Installs

A bit of site news for USCoinNews readers this morning – you can now install the site as a web app on your Windows PC or Mac. I made a behind-the-scenes update that allows this now from Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge on those platforms.

Technically, the feature is called a Progressive Web App, or PWA. It allows a site to be installed as an app on your device which you can then access with one click. It isn’t really an app but it behaves like an app in many ways, allowing you to completely interact with the site as if you were viewing USCoinNews from your browser.

Installing the PWA is very simple. First, go to in either Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge (the new Microsoft Edge) on either your PC or Mac. On the overflow menu (the three dots menu), go Apps>Install this site as an app.

Install Site as an App Menu
Install Site as an App Menu

When you click this, you can rename the site (or shorten it as it has the meta description) and then save it. That will install it on you PC or Mac.

The great thing about PWAs is that you do not have to have your browser open to view the app. Just click the app icon on your computer and it will open up the site standalone with the look and feel of an app. Progressive Web App (PWA) Progressive Web App (PWA)

You can of course on either your Windows PC or Mac add the app icon to your taskbar or dock respectively to access the site with one click.

USCoinNews Icon on Windows 10 Taskbar
USCoinNews Icon on Windows 10 Taskbar

Give it a try and see what you think!

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