The Coin Show Podcast Episode 163 Now Available

Episode 163 of the award winning and arguably most popular coin collecting podcast out there, The Coin Show, is now available. The 55-minute broadcast is now available through popular podcast apps as well as on YouTube.

Hosted by Mike Nottelmann and Matt Dinger, the Coin Show is a great resource of new and information about coin collecting as well as the hosts sharing information and opinions about what is going on with Numismatics in general. The podcast is produced usually every week.

If you want to see Mike & Matt, you can do so by going to YouTube. There you can stream the video of the podcast which has a lot of reference sites and information they discuss.

In this particular episode, they introduce a new section to the show where listeners are able to show their cool coins from their collections. This was the brainchild of Matt who has a segment on the show regularly talking about a “cool thing” that came into his coin show in the previous week.

The Coin Show Podcast, Episode 163

If audio is more your thing, you can find The Coin Show podcast on all the major podcast services: Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Pocketcasts and others. You can also listen directly on their site.

The Coin Show has now been running for 10 years and remains one of the best all-in-one sources for coin collecting news and information. It is on my top Numismatic podcasts list and one I highly recommend.

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