Mint Sales Report – June 21, 2020

The United States Mint has released its weekly sales report. The report covers sales for the 7-day period ending June 21, 2020. As has been the case for much of 2020, the Annual Sets produced by the Mint continue to be popular items while the recently released Basketball Hall of Fame commemorative coins continue to sell well after a few weeks of availability.

The top two selling items this week were the 2020 Proof Set and 2020 Silver Proof Set. The standard set had 8,556 net-new sales this week, bringing its annual total to 288,764. Meanwhile, the Silver Proof Set sold an impressive 6,592 net-new sets this past week. That pushes its sales total to 220,815 units.

In third and continuing its strong sales since its release, was the 2020 Basketball Hall of fame Silver Proof Curved Coin. 3,070 of these were purchased last week, pushing its total sales to 53,086 of the total of 400,000 available for purchase. The fourth best selling product last week was the 2019 American Innovation Dollar Proof Set. 1,237 of the sets were sold last week, brining its total sales to just over 100,000 (100,490). Rounding out the top five was the Clad Proof Curved Coin in the Basketball Hall of Fame commemorative series. 931 additional coins were sold last week, putting its total sales to 21,099 since its release.

Below is the complete top ten sales list for last week.

Item Description6/14/20206/21/2020Net Sales
2020 Proof Set280,208288,7648,556
2020 Silver Proof Set214,223220,8156,592
2020 Basketball HoF – Silver Proof Curved Coin50,01653,0863,070
2019 American Innovation $1 Proof Set 99,253100,4901,237
2020 Basketball HoF – Clad Proof Curved Coin20,16821,099931
2020 America The Beautiful Quarter Proof Set51,98552,769784
2020 Kennedy Half Dollar 2-Roll Set (P&D)15,37716,097720
2020 Birth Set13,00813,692684
2020 America the Beautiful Quarter Silver Proof Set54,72955,407678
2020 Basketball HoF Kid Set21,82822,487659
United States Mint Top 10 Selling Items – Week Ending June 21, 2020

The United States Mint’s sales figures are public record and are available each week. They start from the previous Sunday through to the next seven days. You can find the report each week at this link.

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