Mint Production Report – July 2020

The United States Mint has released its production report for July 2020, showing that nearly 1.7 billion coins were minted in the month. That pushes the total production to 8.2 billion for all of 2020. That total is just slightly behind the Mint’s production through June 2019, indicating that the current circulating coin problems in the United States is not due to a lack of production.

For July 2020, the Mint produced 799,200,000 Lincoln Cents for circulation. That is less than the 889.6 million produced in June but still ranks as the second highest production month for the year. The Denver Mint produced 460 million Cents while the Philadelphia Mint made 339.2 million. For the year, 4.361 billion Cents have been made by the Mint.

Turning to the Jefferson Nickel, a total of 173.28 million of them were produced in July. 108 million were made in Denver while Philadelphia pressed the remaining 65.28 million. For the year, there have been 836.16 million of the five cent pieces made. In comparing the June and July reports, overall there were 11.2 million more Nickels made in July than the previous month.

264.5 million Roosevelt Dimes were produced in July 2020 by the Mint. 150 million were minted in Denver while Philadelphia made 114.5 million. The total for the month is 58.5 million less than were produced in June. Meanwhile, another 385 million Washington Quarters were made in the month of July. 171.8 million of the Quarter Dollar were made in Denver with Philadelphia making 213.2 million.

Finally, and for the first time since January, there were Kennedy Half Dollar coins produced in July. 500,000 of them were made by the Philadelphia Mint in the month, pushing the total production of the 50-Cent piece to 4.1 million for all of 2019. There were no Presidential Dollar coins produced in June, continuing its zero production for the year. That, of course, will change when the George H.W. Bush Presidential Dollar is made for later this year.

For all of 2020, the Mint has produced 8,221,420,000 coins for circulation. That is slightly less than the 8.5 billion that the Mint had made by this time in 2019.

The United States Mint production report is updated monthly and is available to the public at this link on the Mint’s site.

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