Mint Sales Report – August 9, 2020

The United States Mint has released its weekly sales report for the week ending August 9, 2020. Sales of annual sets for 2020 and 2019 remained strong sellers once again for the Mint as well as silver products as the demand for silver continues to rise, largely fueled by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The top selling product comes as no surprise: the 2019 American Eagle 1-Ounce silver Enhanced Reverse Proof. The Mint announced last week that just under 30,000 of these had been put back up for sale and they went quickly – within minutes of being available. All 29,795 of the coins were sold, making it the clear top selling product for the Mint last week.

The second and third best selling products were this year’s 2020-W American Eagles. The Uncirculated variety of the 1-ounce silver coin sold 8,794 units this week, pushing its total sales for the year to 116,064. Meanwhile, the Proof variety added another 7,541 coins to its total for the year, which now is at 324,236.

In fourth and fifth positions for the sales report ending August 9, 2020 are the 2020 Proof Set and Silver Proof Set. The standard set saw 5,517 sets sold last week while the Silver variety saw 4,604 sets sold. For the year, 326,349 of the 2020 Proof Set have been sold and 249,552 of the 2020 Silver Proof Set have been sold to collectors.

Interestingly, two of the America the Beautiful Quarter series 5-ounce bullion coins returned to the top ten sales list this week. The ATB 5-ounce for the 2019 River of No Return release saw an impressive 1,971 units sold, making it the seventh best selling product for the Mint last week. Just behind it, in ninth position, was the 5-Ounce coin for the American Memorial Park release, also from 2019. It saw 1,203 units sold last week.

As you look at the top ten selling items in the table below, note the number of silver products in the list. The demand for silver products remains quite high and likely will continue as the United States continues to fight the COVID-19 pandemic. Many collectors and investors are seeking gold, silver, and other precious medals as securities for the portfolios.

Item Description8/2/20208/9/2020Increase
2019 American Eagle 1-Ounce Silver Enhanced Reverse Proof029,79529,795
2020-W American Eagle Silver Uncirculated 1-Ounce107,270116,0648,794
2020-W American Eagle Silver Proof 1-Ounce316,695324,2367,541
2020 Proof Set320,832326,3495,517
2020 Silver Proof Set244,948249,5524,604
2019 Silver Proof Set405,345407,4972,152
2019 America The Beautiful River of No Return 5-Ounce Silver14,44816,4191,971
2020 American Innovation $1 Reverse Proof – Connecticut27,25529,0581,803
2019 America The Beautiful American Memorial Park 5-Ounce Silver14,91216,1151,203
2019 America The Beautiful Quarter Silver Proof Set74,66875,585917
Top Ten Selling Products – August 9, 2020

The United States Mint’s sales figures are public record and are available each week. They start from the previous Sunday through to the next seven days. You can find the report each week at this link.

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