Mail Bag – Will This Year’s American Eagles Be More Valuable

Today’s Mail Bag question comes from Dani and they ask an interesting question regarding American Eagles. Will the 2020 issues of the American Eagle gold and silver coins be more valuable than others with the Reverse of these coins slated for change in 2021?

Dani writes…


I wanted to know if the American Eagle coins are going to be more valuable this year because of the change on the tails (Reverse) coming next year.


First, for those who may not be up-to-date and know about the Reverse change coming to the American Eagle coins, check out this article to get caught up.

American Eagle Proof and bullion Gold Coin Reverse
Proposed American Eagle Proof and bullion Gold Coin Reverse for 2021

Realistically Dani, there may be a slight bump in the overall value of the 2020 Eagles but it will be just that, a bump. Don’t expect these coins to be considerably more valuable than other “common” issues in the series simply because of the sheer number of these that the Mint produces each year. With the change coming next year, it won’t drive these final issues of the old design through the roof.

In conjunction, you can expect a slight premium for the 2021 coins with the new Reverse too. Again, the Mint will produce a shedload of these so they will not be highly valuable – but will have a slight premium.

As has been the case for several years now, particularly on the silver American Eagles, it will be the special finish and other one-offs that will carry more value with collectors than the standard Uncirculated and Proof finishes. This, in large part, is driven by the number the Mint produces each year of these standard issues.

I hope this helps answer your question Dani. Thank you for taking the time to write in.

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