Mail Bag – What Are You Focused on in Your Collection

Today’s Mail Bag question arrived earlier this week from Randy and they ask what I’m currently focusing on in my collection. It’s a fair question. I don’t talk about my own collection all that much and, like many collectors, I go through phases of what interests me over weeks, months, or years.


Thanks for the site. I find it very helpful.

I wanted to ask what you are focusing on in your own coin collecting right now? Is it a particular denomination or set?



First Randy, thanks for the kind words. I appreciate you reading the site and glad you find it helpful.

As for my collection, right now my focus has been on the Presidential Silver Medal series. I started collecting these earlier this year (actually after another Mail Bag question) and I’ve been adding the released ones to my collection generally one every month. So far I have three of them: George Washington (2018), Thomas Jefferson (2019), and Andrew Jackson (2020) with my John Adams one currently on its way from the United States Mint. Further, I’ve had the three I do own graded by NGC and all happily came back at grade MS 70. That’s not shocking really given the strike quality of these medals, but still nice to see.

NGC MS 70 George Washington Presidential Silver Medal
NGC MS 70 George Washington Presidential Silver Medal

For me, I have found a real fondness for these medals. I think the Obverse images of the Presidents is fantastic and the satin-like finish to be stunningly beautiful. In truth, I didn’t really expect to collect these. My focus has always been on circulating coinage and bullion items (American Eagles, American Buffalos, American Liberty, etc) but I decided to pick one up on a whim and just love their look. They have been a joyous addition to my collection and I’m happy that I’ve been spending the last few months adding them to it.

So what are you focused on in your collection? Leave a comment below and share what has been something you’ve been working to add to your own collection. Chances are, there is another reader doing the exact same thing.

Thanks for the question Randy. If you have a question for the Mail Bag, just use the Comment form on the About page to send it in.

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