NCIC – Multiple Dollar Coins Stolen or Missing

The Numismatic Crime Information Center, NCIC, is reporting the loss or theft of multiple PCGS graded dollar coins. The USPS Express package was being sent to Fresno, California. It arrived at the Los Angeles Distribution Center for the Postal Service, but has yet to be delivered to the recipient.

Here is a list of the dollar coins that were in the package along with their PCGS serial numbers.

  • 1904-S PCGS MS65+ CAC 30975171
  • 1884 PCGS MS67 CAC 36639817
  • 1890-O PCGS MS66 37228206
  • 1891 PCGS MS65+ CAC 82606382
  • 1897 PCGS MS67 CAC 50143198
  • 1899-S PCGS MS66+ CAC 25646217
  • 1900-S PCGS MS66+ CAC 25556875

With the coins all being PCGS certified, that will help in locating the coins should they attempted to be sold on the open market or to a dealer. Collectors and dealers are encouraged to be on the look out for these coins, especially if you are looking to purchase one of the listed coins.

Anyone with information on these coins should contact Doug Davis at 817-723-7231 or with details.

The Numismatic Crime Information Center is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation whose mission is to serve as a national and international resource for collectors, dealers and law enforcement in the education, prevention and investigation of crimes involving coins, paper money, tokens, medals and related numismatic items.

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