Mint Sales Report – October 25, 2020

The United States Mint has released its weekly sales report for the week ending October 25, 2020. Unsurprisingly, the Mint’s newest product took top honors in this week’s top ten selling product list while annual sets and bullion products continued their strong showing.

The Marsh-Billings-Rockefeller America the Beautiful 3-coin set began sales last week and was the most purchased product from the Mint for this week’s report. 11,102 of the sets were sold in just a handful of days being available. It was the clear best selling product for the week as the second top seller, the 2020 Proof Set, sold roughly half of that total 5,894 of the annual sets were sold last week, pushing its total sales for the year to 390,636.

The 2020-W American Eagle silver Uncirculated 1-ounce bullion coin continued to do well. 3,250 of the coins were sold last week, which puts its total sales for 2020 to 154,068. Meanwhile, the 2020 American Innovation Dollar Proof Set stayed in the top 10 for this week, adding another 2,021 to its sales total. That total is now just over 51,000 sets.

The 2020 Silver Proof Set also has 2,021 sets sold this past week, putting its total sales to just over 291,000 for 2020.

Here is the complete top ten selling products for the Mint last week.

Item Description10/18/202010/25/2020Increase
Marsh-Billings-Rockefeller ATB Quarter 3-Coin Set011,10211,102
2020 Proof Set384,742390,6365,894
2020-W American Eagle Silver Uncirculated 1-Ounce150,818154,0683,250
2020 American Innovation Dollar Proof Set49,01651,0372,021
2020 Silver Proof Set289,020291,0412,021
2020 America the Beautiful Circulating Coin Set16,79817,664866
Women’s Suffrage Centennial 2020 Proof Silver Dollar22,30522,901596
2020 America The Beautiful Quarter Proof Set60,01560,603588
2019 American Innovation $1 Proof Set 109,305109,736431
2019 Proof Set589,391589,818427
United States Mint Top Ten Selling Products – October 25, 2020

The United States Mint’s sales figures are public record and are available each week. They start from the previous Sunday through to the next seven days. You can find the report each week at this link.

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