World’s Money Fair in Berlin Goes Virtual Due to COVID-19

The World’s Money Fair set to take place January 29-31, 2021 in Berlin has been cancelled as an in-person event. Instead, organizers will move it to a virtual show that will allow vendors to have virtual booths to sell their Numismatic products.

The move comes as a direct result of the ongoing and now surging COVID-19 pandemic in Europe. While not explicitly stated in the update from the organizers, it is likely they could not meet the in-person limits and other requirements around social distancing. Berlin, like many countries in Europe, is seeing a significant spike in infections in recent weeks. The World’s Money Fair is one of the bigger coin shows in Europe with thousands normally in attendance.

The turning of the even into a virtual could be the path forward for many coin shows in 2021. NYINC has already announced it will not have a 2021 convention and doubts continue to circle around the ANA’s own World’s Fair of Money and many other large shows here in the United States. By turning these into virtual events, it would at least allow some bourse activity to happen. While it isn’t as good as an in-person coin show, it may be the way that we see many shows go in the next year.

Here is the official notice from the World’s Money Fair site.

We have found this decision difficult to make, but we do not ultimately have any other choice. The World Money Fair 2021 will not be taking place in January, and is to be postponed to a later date and time. As soon as we have more information, we will, of course, fill you in.

Despite everything, we are looking to the future with optimism. If we are unable to meet in Berlin, we will have to hold an online trade fair instead. Specifically, we are planning to enable our exhibitors to attend the virtual World Money Fair based on our homepage. This will provide a platform at which coin dealers will be able to present their goods. We will also provide virtual meeting rooms that allow for a direct communication with prospective customers.

A Media Forum – with a press conference – and a Technical Forum will also take place as virtual meeting places. Perhaps these will result in brand new possibilities. I am convinced that for these activities, we will gain an exceptionally large and longer-lasting reach.

We are working as hard as possible to be able to provide you with the details in the second week of November. Please continue to set the original January date in your diary aside for the World Money Fair.

World’s Money Fair Statement

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