Mail Bag – Where Do You Buy Bullion Coins?

Today’s Mail Bag question comes from a regular visitor, Evan. He asks I buy bullion coins for my collection and/or investments. It is a great question Evan and one I’m happy to share my thoughts on.


Long time reader of your site. Thanks for it.

Where do you buy your bullion coins? I see you post pictures of some of them on Instagram but obviously you can’t buy one from 1988 mint’s website.



First Evan, thanks for taking the time to write in and ask your question as well as being a long time reader of the site. Thank you!

Before I answer your question, I want to be clear that neither of the companies I mention in this article are associated with USCoinNews nor do I have any affiliate program with either of them. Just want to be clear that this is not a “sponsored” Mail Bag article.

My first choice is APMEX. They have a wide selection of bullion products from around the world and they have very competitive pricing. They also offer a wide range of NGC and PCGS graded products if you are looking for something along those lines. I’ve bought several products from APMEX and I’ve always been pleased with the quality of the coins I have received as well as the promptness in shipping, even with the economy shipping.

My second choice is SD Bullion. Like APMEX, they have a wide range of bullion products from around the world at good price points. I find that APMEX has slightly better pricing but I find that SD Bullion has a larger selection on most things. Also, SD Bullion has some killer sales from time to time that are well worth signing up to receive via email.

Of course, this is on top of the bullion products that I buy directly from the United States Mint each year. I mostly use APMEX and SD Bullion to fill in gaps in my collection, just as you suggested with the 1988 American Eagle I posted on Instagram. Equally, there are plenty of other bullion dealers, some of which that may be local to you, that offer competitive prices and a wide selection of products. For me, these two have been the best for my collection and investment needs.

USCoinNews Readers, do you have a favorite site to get your bullion products? If so, leave it in the comments. The more information Evan has, the better!

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