Mint Production Report – October 2020

The United States Mint has released its monthly circulating coin production report for October 2020. The report shows that across the Mint’s two circulation coin production facilities – Denver and Philadelphia – a total of 1,404,690,000 coins were produced in the month. That is a slight dip from the 1,422,590,000 produced in September.

As is normally the case, the Lincoln Cent was the most heavily minted coin in the October 2020 report. 690,400,000 Cents were made in the month, 349,600,000 in Denver while the remaining 340,800,000 were pressed in Philadelphia. For the year, 6.6 billion Cents have been produced by the Mint. The 690.4 million reported in October is slightly down from the 734 million produced in September.

Turning to the Jefferson Nickel, 137,280,000 of the five-cent pieces were produced in October. 90.48 million were produced in Denver while Philadelphia minted 46.8 million. That pushes the total production of Nickels in 2020 to 1,384,800,000. Like the Lincoln Cent, the 137.28 million produced in October is down from the September total of 143.04 million.

A total of 228 million Roosevelt Dimes were produced across the Mint facilities in October. 135 million were produced in Denver with the remaining 93 million Minted in Philadelphia. For the year, 2,276,000,000 Dimes have been made for circulation by the Mint. Unlike the Lincoln Cent and Jefferson Nickel, Roosevelt Dime production was up month-over-month. 226.5 million of them were made in September 2020.

Finally, the Washington Quarter saw a total production of 351,000,000 coins in October. 141 Million of the Quarter Dollars were minted in Denver while the remaining 210 million were pressed in Philadelphia. For the year, 2,438,200,000 have been produced across the two sites.

There were not Kennedy Half Dollars, Presidential Dollars, or Native American Dollars produced in October.

Adding all of the totals together, through October 2020 the United States Mint has produced 12,705,760,000 coins this year. That is well above the 10.64 billion that had been produced through October 2019.

The United States Mint production report is updated monthly and is available to the public at this link on the Mint’s site.

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