End of World War II Medals Sold Out Despite Continued Mint Website Issues

There are times that I Tweet something and it resonates with readers. Other times, I Tweet something that ages like milk. Last night, I did the later with regards to the Mint website and the sale of the End of World War II medals yesterday.

Yesterday afternoon, I was able to go onto the Mint website and order the silver End of World War II medal with virtually no trouble. I got in, put the medal in my cart, and checked out. I received a confirmation of the order shortly thereafter and last night a confirmation that my order had been confirmed. That led me to believe that the Mint had sorted out its website issues from the debacle just last week with the End of World War II American Eagles. Thus, I Tweeted:

That lead to nearly instantaneous responses on Twitter and in the Mail Bag for the site. I clearly got it wrong and clearly, based on the dozen or so of you who commented or messaged, the Mint website was still a mess.

The most common thing that readers reported to me was essentially the same issue as last week: They were unable to access the product page on the site and never could complete transactions. Indeed, at one point, the Mint acknowledged they were once again having technical issues.

Unfortunately for the Mint, this is becoming so commonplace that many readers who commented indicated they would not even try on the next special release. That is unfortunate as it takes away from the joy of collecting and makes it more of a burden than it is fun.

I’ve said it multiple times that the Mint has to get their scene sorted on their website. Clearly they are making some steps to try to make it better but it is not enough.

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