Mint Production Report – November 2020

The United States Mint has released its monthly production report for November 2020 to the public. The report shows that across the Denver and Philadelphia Mint locations, 1.165 billion coins were produced in the month, slight decrease from October’s report. In total, the Mint has produced nearly 14 billion coins in 2020.

As is normally the case each month, the highest production circulating coin in November 2020 was the Lincoln Cent. 560.8 million of the 1-cent pieces were produced in the month. The Denver Mint made 295.2 million while the Philadelphia Mint produced 265.6 million. For the year, 7.160 billion Lincoln Cents have been produced, accounting for over half of the total production of the Mint for the year. When compared to the October report, the Mint produced roughly 140 million fewer Cents in November than in the previous month.

A total of 67.92 million Jefferson Nickel coins were produced last month by the Mint with the Denver Mint producing the lion’s share of them with 56.16 million five-cent pieces. The Philadelphia Mint made up the rest with 11.76 million Nickels minted. For the year, 1.4964 billion Jefferson Nickels have been produced for circulation. In November, the Mint production of the Nickel dropped by over fifty percent when compared to the 137.28 million coins produced in October.

Turning to the Roosevelt Dime, 223.5 million of them were produced in November. 135 million Dimes were minted in Denver with the remaining 88.5 million produced in Philadelphia. The November production was just slightly behind that of October where 228 million ten-cent pieces were produced. For the year, 2,5415 billion Dimes have been minted.

294.6 million Washington Quarters were made in November 2020 by the United States Mint. 115.2 million of those came from Denver while the remaining 179.4 million came from Philadelphia. Like the other circulating coins in the report, production in November dipped from the 351 million Quarters that were produced in October. For the year, 2.6638 billion Quarter Dollars have been made by the Mint.

Making a rare appearance on the Production report, especially at this late stage, was the Kennedy Half Dollar. 2.1 million of them were produced in November, putting its total production for 2020 to 5.7 million. 1.6 million of the Half Dollar were produced in Denver while the remaining 500,000 were made in Philadelphia.

Interestingly, the George H.W. Bush Presidential Dollar was not listed as being produced in November nor were there any Native American Dollars. The Bush dollar went on sale earlier this month which seems to indicate that production happened literally days before sales began. Production figures for the latest Presidential Dollar should appear in the December report.

Through November, the Mint has produced 13,870,860,000 coins for the country. This is substantially higher than the 11.53 billion that were produced by this time in 2019. Further, the total for 2020 has already surpassed the total of all of last year. In 2019, the Mint produced 11,942,234,400 coins.

The United States Mint production report is updated monthly and is available to the public at this link on the Mint’s site.

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