Mint Production Report – December 2020

The United States Mint has released its December 2020 Production Report for circulating coinage. The report shows that 903.5 million coins were produced in the final month of 2020, pushing the total production for the year to nearly 15 billion coins.

In December 2020, the Mint produced 435.6 million Lincoln Cents across the Denver and Philadelphia facilities. 244.8 million were produced in Denver and the remaining 190.8 million in Philadelphia. This is down from the 560.8 million produced in November 2020, a 22.3% decrease. For the year, the Mint produced 7.5964 billion Lincoln Cents for circulation, an increase of 7.9% over 2019.

82.3 million Jefferson Nickels were produced by the Mint in the final month of 2020. 67.2 million of those were produced in Denver with just 15.1 million produced in Philadelphia. That represents a 21.17% increase in production from the November 2020 report. For 2020, 1.6231 billion Jefferson Nickels were produced for circulation. That represents a 48.24% increase over 2019’s production of Nickels.

In the final month of 2020, the Mint produced 190.5 million Roosevelt Dimes, 151 million of those in Denver and the remaining 39.5 million in Philadelphia. That total is a 14.77% decrease in production when compared to the November 2020 production of Dimes. For 2020, the Mint produced 2.7785 billion Roosevelt Dimes, a 29.29% increase over the 2.149 billion produced in 2019.

December 2020 saw 168.4 million Washington Quarters produced for circulation, a significant drop of 42.84% from the 294.6 million produced in November. 70.6 million of the Quarter Dollars were produced in Denver with 97.8 coming from Philadelphia. For all of 2020, the Mint produced 2.768 billion Washington Quarters. That is a whopping 67.6% more than the Mint produced in 2019 and represents the largest increase in production of any circulating coin year-over-year.

For December, there were no Kennedy Half Dollar or Native American Dollars produced for circulation. That means that a total of 5.7 million Half Dollars were produced for the year and 2.66 million Native American Dollars for 2020. The Half Dollar production was jumped by 67.6% over the 3.4 million produced in 2019 while the Native American Dollar production dropped by 9.52%.

The production report does not include production of the American Innovation Dollar as those coins are not released for general circulation. Further, and perhaps interestingly, the recently released George H.W. Bush Presidential Dollar does not show up in the production report. It is likely that will show up in the January 2021 report despite being produced in 2020.

For the year, the United States Mint produced 14,774,360,000 coins for circulation. That is a 23.72% increase over the 11,942,234,400 coins produced by the Mint in 2019.

The United States Mint production report is updated monthly and is available to the public at this link on the Mint’s site.

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