United States Mint Raises Prices on Some Older Products

The United States Mint has quietly rolled out some price increases on several older products that remain available. The changes went into effect on January 1, 2021. The increase in prices impact older products from 2018, 2019, and 2020 that the Mint still has in stock.

The increases generally are minimal with increases on average being around $2 per item. The largest increase was $6 on the remaining 2018 and 2019 American Innovation Philadelphia and Denver 100-Coin bags. Those products went from $111.95 to $117.95 each.

ProductPrevious PriceNew Price
2018 and 2020 Birth Sets$19.95 and $23$25.00
2019 and 2020 Happy Birthday Coin Sets$19.95 and $23$25.00
2019 Uncirculated Coin Set$21.95$25.25
2019 Proof Set$27.95$32.00
2019 P&D Native American $1 25-Coin Rolls$32.95$34.50
2019 Kennedy Half-Dollar Two-Roll Set (P&D)$32.95$34.50
2019 Kennedy Half-Dollar 200-Coin Bag (P&D)$139.95$147.00
2018 Innovation $1 25-Coin Rolls (P&D)$32.95$34.50
2018 P&D Innovation $1 100 Coin Bags$111.95$117.50
2018-S Proof Innovation $1 Coin$6.95$11.50
2019 P&D Innovation $1 25-Coin Rolls (Georgia, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Delaware)$32.95$34.50
2019 P&D Innovation $1 Coin Bags (Georgia, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Delaware)$111.95$117.50
2019-S Reverse Proof Innovation $1 Coins (Georgia, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Delaware)$9.95-$11.50$11.50
2019 Innovation $1 Proof Set$20.95$24.00
2019 P, D, & S River of No Return Wilderness Quarter 3-Roll Set$46.95$49.25
2019-S River of No Return Wilderness Quarter 40-Coin Roll $18.95$19.75
2019 P&D River of No Return Wilderness Quarter Two-Roll Set$32.95$34.50
2019 Quarters Proof Set$15.95$18.50
2018 & 2019 Quarters Three-Coin Sets $9.95$11.50
2019 Quarters Circulating Coin Set$8.95$10.00
Price Increases for 2020

In addition to these price changes, the Mint has by-and-large removed any household limits that were in place on any of these products. For example, the Proof Set products in the list above no longer have a purchase limit to encourage collectors and dealers to buy as many as possible – and remove the inventory from the Mint.

The products in the list above will vary as product sell out. If there is a product you want to pick up for your collection, head over to the Mint’s site to pick it up. Once a particular product is sold out, it is sold out for good.

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